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We are not professionals, yet, but we are damn good at what we do. Ron and John are some of the most passionate Philadelphia fans this side of The Delaware and now they finally have a chance to share there passion with the world. The co-hosts of Philadelphia’s newest comedic sports podcast, “The Ron and John Show,” debate and hit on the weekly hot topics surrounding Philly sports and all it has to offer. Philadelphia sports are supported by the greatest fans in the world and this podcast brings an accurate perspective of a true Philly fan and the highs and lows of following some of the most unpredictable franchises in sports. Through podcasts, blogs and twitter, our organization is providing rich content with a large focus on comedy and strives to keep our fans informed and entertained. Our podcasts are available on iTunes Podcasts and GooglePlayMusic for free subscription as well as Soundcloud.

The Ron and John Show Podcast