The Hosts

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John and Ron (left to right) are your typical, proud, Delco scumbags who are bringing their intense and comedic outlook on the Philly sports world. These Episcopal grads are known for two things: quality athletics and quality conversation. Catch them weekly on their podcast as they discuss the pressing issues surrounding our Philly teams and push the boundaries of what it means to have your own podcast. You can also catch our hosts in the blogs as Ron and John will focus on what ever the hell they want.
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Producer Pat: OPC ’15,  Pat has a deep connection with the Philly sports world and a true passion for arguing. Catch him on the show trying to control Ron and John.


The Bloggers

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Keff Daddy: Phillies – With probably the best credentials on the staff, Keff has been a Philly Fanatic for years and will be giving an inside look at relevant sports events happening in the city of brotherly love .
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Gruden Greg:  Eagles –  A want to be Philadelphian, this former QB idolizes the man in the visor and has a passion for Eagles football. Follow his compelling blogs about the Birds and catch him on with Ron and John.
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Meat: Nation Wide – This northern New Jersey native has a knack for the stats and a way with words that would make any mother proud. Catch him on our blog.
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Titty-Boy Burman: Sixers -This die hard Philly sports fan and reluctant jew will provide compelling blog posts about the most compelling team in basketball and an interesting dynamic with Ron and John.
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Reilly:  Events-This main line hero has gone from Narberth Summer league MVP to D3 agent 0. Now he is blogging about the biggest sporting events around the world and randomly appearing on The Ron and John.
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Shmeeth: Obscure Sports- A writer by day and party animal by night, this Virginia resident is nothing short of a good time… maybe too good. Tune into his blogs as he will cover all the obscure sports from around the world and is sure to make you fall out of your chairs.
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Butzy: College Sports -This Baltimore bottom feeder is not only a college athlete but has a passion for college sports. Follow the Ron and John Show to read his blogs.